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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

2008-2013 Transportation Improvement Plan adds three regional projects

The Missouri Highway and Transportation Commission approved the latest Statewide Transportation Improvement Plan on July 1, which included more than $300 million in new construction projects.

Money for these projects came from lengthened bond terms and lower interest rates on Amendment 3 money, as well as savings from practical design efforts and matching funds from local municipalities. This money will be spent across Missouri, constructing new roads, improving interchanges and purchasing needed right of way for future projects.

In St. Louis, three projects were added to the plan:
  • Purchasing right of way for Route 141 between I-64 and Olive Blvd. in St. Louis County

  • Completing another section of Route 364, Phase II in St. Charles County

  • Interchange improvements at I-55 and Route M in Jefferson County
The five-year STIP includes nearly $5.8 billion in transportation improvements across Missouri, including about $4.3 billion for 730 highway and bridge projects, $810 million for other transportation modes, and $640 for local transportation programs.

Review the entire STIP here.

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