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Friday, December 5, 2008

The start of designing something big

Engineers have been hard at work designing the Mississippi River Bridge, the $640 million river crossing which will begin construction in 2010. The design team, which is co-located in Laclede's Landing near the Mississippi River, has prequalified four contractor teams to bid on the cable stay portion of the bridge.

This prequalification means these contractors teams have the experience, leadership and capability available (within the team) to complete the complex work required to construct the new river bridge. It also means that these contractor teams will be able to work with the MRB team to develop confidential and individualized proposals using the latest advances in construction technology. This innovative method to reduce costs will allow Missouri and Illinois to get the best possible bid late next year as the two states prepare for the construction of this greatly-needed project.


Anonymous said...

My mom is part owner of dietiker moving in st louis and she has alzheimers.Please let us know how much charles,ed and carol are cheating her out of for the modot purchase of 918 Lebeaume for the new mississippi river bridge.

MODOT CR STL said...

John -

Thanks for your comment. I reviewed our plans with the project manager of the Mississippi River Bridge - we did not purchase any property at 918 Lebeaume for the bridge. The property was a potential right of way impact for the larger $2.4 billion project, but was not needed when we scaled down the project to its current size.

Thanks again for your question! - Andrew Gates, MRB Public Relations